This summer part 1

The North of Italy:

Every time we drove by Monte Casale we spotted an incredible gap. After some scouting and figuring out the approach, we were ready to go. We managed to drive up the dirt road with our dark green Toyota Starlet from 1996 and the car survived! Or as the advert in the 90’s said: “nichts ist unmöglich” (nothing is impossible). I still agree on that one. From the parking we geared up and walked for approx. 30 minutes. Most of all it’s a beautiful and peaceful line at 1630m altitude. The wind gusts made the walk quite difficult to manage a sent, and blew us all off at least a few times. Luckily there was a small window for Tom to get the first ascent.

Highline specs:
Name : Der goldene Johnny
Length: 75m
Altitude: 1632m
Exposure: To lake Garda and beyond!