As a Dutch slackliner I did my first steps in the park, in 2014. Two weeks after walking my first slackline, I got invited to try my first highline. This experience was mind blowing and opened a new world for me. From this moment on I have been motivated to push myself mentally and physically.

When I step on the line, putting one foot for the other, keeping myself in balance, and being in the moment, amazes me every time again.

Life is one big adventure and every single day is a gift. I hope to inspire others to step out of their comfort zone, to live in the moment and chase their dreams.

Highlining has become a lifestyle for me, that I can combine with my love for traveling and being outdoors. I have seen so much beautiful places and I cannot wait to see more!

This sport is my passion and I love to spread this. I am always enthusiastic to be part of some new exciting projects and if you require any more information or have any questions then I am happy to help! 

About me